Six and a half hours I will never get back!

One hospital visit for a routine appointment and I leave the building six and a half hours later, I like to think it is some great marketing pitch to sell the food in the hospital and boost funds, but I don’t think they are sophisticated enough to plan that far in advance.

I only entered the hospital to find out the results from my latest scan, which were stable in comparison with Last year’s results, but after a mess up with the appointment bookings my 11am appointment become a 12.15 appointment and then the consultant was running 90 minutes late as some idiot had booked all the appointments in for the morning.  The consultant and nurse were very apologetic and it is hard to get annoyed at somebody who had nothing to do with the planning, but it still meant that my whole day involved waiting around.

When I finally saw the consultant, she was concerned as I have a simple burst blood vessel in my eye, but due to the condition, this could mean something serious so I was added to another clinic list. Therefore, after I had bloods taken I then sat for another hour or so to wait to get my simple bloodshot eye checked out. It turned out to be a normal bloodshot eye, which will heal by itself.

I got home exhausted, fed up and a day behind on work. The time it takes to see doctors, visit clinics, and have all the necessary tests can be underestimated and not fully understood by employees. I took work with me to do, but it isn’t possible to get much done sitting on a small plastic chair in a drafty corridor, which doubles as a waiting room.

Having a chronic illness sometimes feels like a full-time job, getting medicines, measuring then out for the week, visiting GP’s, visiting clinics, having tests, going for the regular blood tests, remembering flu jabs and precautionary treatments… agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh when can I have time and energy for fun!

As grateful as I am for all the monitoring and support, I would love a six-month period without visiting a hospital, GP surgery or having a needle pushed into the ‘x’ marks the spot on my arm to draw more blood.

I’m happy to lose the six and a half hours if you give me a six and a half month break from visits. 

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