New book published: Chronic Illness: learning to live behind my smile

Today I launch my first book, I’m nervous, excited and also terrified. The book started as my own therapy of how to deal with everything that was changing in my life, and then I started to write down things I had learnt along the journey. And then I thought that the insights we had gain may just help somebody else. And so the idea of a book formed.

It has taken years, and some very kind supportive friends and family who have proofread my thoughts and help turn them into a book which I am now very proud of. I hope you enjoy reading it and I hope it can help you on your journey.

New Book available through Amazon:

Purchase Chronic Illness: Learning to live behind my smile

Published by Jane L Edwards

I am a mother of two, who still has her ambitions, but I am now physically hindered from meeting some of these dreams by a rare invisible chronic illness. It has been a very long journey to complete this book, and I really hope that it can offer some support to you. My world revolves around my family and my wonderful Labrador who have all helped me through the battles. This is my first book and is an extremely personal story to tell.

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