Jane L Edwards

Chronic Illness: learning to live behind my smile.


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The problem with a long-term chronic illness is that it isn’t a quick fight, taking a few drugs and having a couple of weeks in bed will not cure it. It isn’t ever an out and out win, you never beat the illness forever. It is a long-term war, some battles you lose and some you win: It is an on-going campaign. It is a chronic illness, after all. In the end, the struggle is about getting to a place where you can live together, the illness and you, and trying to make the most of the environment you share, an attempt to make it a positive life.

This book is a collection of experiences I have faced living with a chronic illness, experiences I am still learning from and having to deal with every day. It is like living in no man’s land, somewhere between feeling ill and feeling healthy, but not really being healthy or ill. I hope, by sharing my experience, I can help you with your journey, dealing with your chronic illness or give you some tools to help you make some sense of living with a chronic condition.

Please note: small sections of the book are only relevant to the UK NHS system. My support has always come from the Vasculitis Patient association. Thank you all. xxx


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