Go listen to my interview on Fight Like a Mama podcast.

A few weeks ago, the lovely Felicia Distad invited me to be part of her excellent podcast series.

She describes the podcast as:

Let’s talk about ALL THE THINGS. Health, family, friendships, kids, work, and how to show up every day and fight through it all. Lady, I’ll remind you that you can do hard things because we have already done hard things.

She also has vasculitis, the same type as me, Wegeners/GPA. We chat about our journey, living with kids and how to keep on fighting no matter what is thrown at you.

The episode that I feature in is here:


But please listen to the other episodes:


Follow Felicia on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fightlikeamama/?hl=en

Thank you Felicia for sharing my story.


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