Go listen to my interview on Fight Like a Mama podcast.

A few weeks ago, the lovely Felicia Distad invited me to be part of her excellent podcast series. She describes the podcast as: Let’s talk about ALL THE THINGS. Health, family, friendships, kids, work, and how to show up every day and fight through it all. Lady, I’ll remind you that you can do hardContinue reading “Go listen to my interview on Fight Like a Mama podcast.”

Some days are flat

Some days I feel very flat, not flat-chested, flatlined or flat earthed, just plain flat; the feeling where you really don’t care what happens, what you eat or wear. I’m not sure if you class it as fatigue, depression or some other title that may fit the mood. I don’t like to admit that anyContinue reading “Some days are flat”

Hey Politicians, remember there are more than two sides to a story

I am so tired of governments assuming that we are on one side or the other of an argument! We are all either Brexiter or Remainer, believe COVID is real, or we don’t, and we are racist or not. There is an assumption that we pick a political party and cannot ever agree with theContinue reading “Hey Politicians, remember there are more than two sides to a story”

COVID-19: Vulnerability and the Serenity Prayer

I have thought long and hard about how to approach this blog; it is such a hard situation to write about. Half of me wants to make it light and supportive, but half of me is terrified that I am sitting here waiting for death to arrive at my door. I’m immune-suppressed and classed asContinue reading “COVID-19: Vulnerability and the Serenity Prayer”

Rituximab infusion, things I wish I had known

Please note this is my personal experience of Rituximab, your treatment may vary, you should discuss your individual plan with your doctor. I am not providing any personal advice. So you need to have a biological infusion? My first thoughts were: What the hell is that? How long will it take? Will it hurt? AndContinue reading “Rituximab infusion, things I wish I had known”

New book published: Chronic Illness: learning to live behind my smile

Today I launch my first book, I’m nervous, excited and also terrified. The book started as my own therapy of how to deal with everything that was changing in my life, and then I started to write down things I had learnt along the journey. And then I thought that the insights we had gainContinue reading “New book published: Chronic Illness: learning to live behind my smile”

Six and a half hours I will never get back!

One hospital visit for a routine appointment and I leave the building six and a half hours later, I like to think it is some great marketing pitch to sell the food in the hospital and boost funds, but I don’t think they are sophisticated enough to plan that far in advance. I only enteredContinue reading “Six and a half hours I will never get back!”

Stress: oh no, please don’t cause a flare!

This week, we had a sad loss in the family, and it has been very emotional. However, for me there is an extra dimension to the news, how can I manage the stress levels and ensure I do not cause a flare in my disease? A flare is simply a sudden worsening of the symptomsContinue reading “Stress: oh no, please don’t cause a flare!”